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Sunny Park

Hometown: St. Thomas, ON

Bike: Yamaha R6 - #525

Years Riding: 8

Years on Track: 7

Years Racing: 6

Sunny has always loved motorcycles and speed but never really had the opportunity to follow through on her dreams of riding and racing motorcycles.  Once the opportunity presented itself Sunny jumped in with both feet.  In 2007, she got her motorcycle licence then 2 weeks later went to the FAST Track Riding School.  The following season Sunny participated in 5 trackdays and covered many miles on the streets, a good portion of which was spent at Dealís Gap.  The following season, Sunny was out at TMP, Shannonville and Calabogie for a remarkable total of 30 trackdays.  Once confident that her skill levels were improving, Sunny decided it was time to go racing.

Her first race was the final Round of SOARís 2009 Season.  She entered the Formula Femme class feeling as though it was the appropriate place to start racing, against the other women.  At the end of the weekend, Sunny stood on the podium having finished 2nd in her first ever race.

In 2010, Sunny became SOAR's first Formula Femme Champion, winning 3 of the 6 races. Despite dealing with a painful work related injury, Sunny still rode in the final Round of the season in order to secure the Championship with a 4th place finish.

 The same year, she also participated in the Womenís Cup Challenge which was a part of the CSBK National series.  Sunny attended every Round on the schedule as a novice.  She finished her very first year of the WCC as the Top Novice of 2010 and 3rd place overall amongst the Experts.

Sunny was unfortunately not able to compete in 2011 due to her work related injury.

In 2012, Sunny was back at it in full force however spent a good portion of the season coming to grips with her new motorcycle.  Now riding a Yamaha R6 instead of a GSXR, learning how this new bike behaved compared to the old one was at times a difficult process.  Sunny's results improved as the season went along and she finished 4th overall for the year.

The 2013 Season saw Sunny get a handle on the new bike and as a result she stood on the podium for every round but the last.  With an impressive string of 4 second place finishes in a row, Sunny had a great season and finished 2nd overall in the Formula Femme Championship.

2014 was another great season for Sunny, good results in almost every round gave her 2nd Overall in the Formula Femme class.

In 2015 Sunny stood on the podium every round and once again finished the season 2nd Overall against the women.

It all came together for Sunny and the new bike in 2016.  After an intense back and forth season long battle, the Formula Femme Championship came down to the final race of the season.  Whoever won the last race would also win the Championship.  Sunny spent the entire race in 2nd position, looking for an opening to take the lead.  On the last lap of the race she found her spot and made the move into 1st place, she maintained that position right to the checkered flag.
Sunny won the Formula Femme Championship in 2010 and did it again in 2016!