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Andrew Morrissey

picHometown: St. Thomas, ON

Bike: Yamaha R6 - #311

5’8”, 160lbs., 46

Years Riding: 28

Year on Track: 16

Years Racing: 9

After many years of participating in trackdays, Drew finally made the leap into roadracing.  His first race was back in 2004.  He competed in two races that season and managed a Top 15 and a Top 10 respectively.  Then after 5 years away from the track for work reasons, Drew was back to racing in 2009.  He participated in SOAR’s Rookie Cup and won the 1st and 3rd Rounds. After being crashed into during the final race, Drew was the Rookie Cup Runner-Up by 2 points.

Through 2010 and 2011, Drew's results at SOAR were showing improvements all around as he was getting up to pace after being promoted to the Novice class.  With a few race wins late in 2011 in the Old Boys Club, a class only open to racers overs the age of 40, Drew finished 2nd Place Overall for the championship, a mere 3 points away from 1st.  A good season.

In 2012, Drew once again had his sights set on the Old Boy's Championship as well as the Amateur 600 class.  The season saw podiums in every round in the Old Boys class which led to winning the championship overall.  In AM 600, a couple rounds with technical issues meant 3rd overall for the season.  All good results.

2013 was the storybook season for Drew, with numerous wins and multiple podiums in both the Amateur Superbike and 600 Extreme classes, Drew won both the Superbike and 600 Championships at SOAR.

Now promoted to PROlevel, Drew will be competing in the 600 Extreme and Superbike classes with the seasoned veterans.