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We are a husband and wife motorcycle roadracing team that has been involved in every major motorcycle roadracing series in Canada.  Our racers, Sunny Park and Drew Morrisey have shown they are front running riders in their respective classes all throughout their racing careers.  Both have won multiple Championships along the way.

  In 2010, the Team saw good results from their riders.
Sunny won a handfull of races in SOAR's Formula Femme class and ultimately won the season championship, becoming SOAR's 1st ever Formula Femme Champion.
She also won a couple of Novice races in the now defunct Women's Challenge Cup.
She finished her first season as the 2010 WCC Rookie of the Year and by participating in every Round on the schedule she finished 3rd Place Overall for the season Championship against much more experienced riders.

2011 was both a good and bad season for the Team.  Sunny sustained a back injury at work and was not able to compete for the 2011 season in order to recover.  Drew had a good season however, having stood on the podium in 4 of 5 races.  A 3rd and three 1st place finishes was enough to take 2nd Overall in a very tight, season long battle in the Old Boys Championship.

In 2012, the Team was back in full swing with both riders contesting for their class Championships.  Sunny was learning a new bike and still managed 4th Overall for the season.  Drew finished the season 3rd Overall in Amateur 600 and won the Old Boys Club Championship.

2013 was a stellar year for the Team.  Sunny and Drew both had very good seasons.  Sunny has gotten a handle of her new bike and after a string of four 2nd Place finishes in a row, she finished the season 2nd Overall in the Formula Femme class.  Drew had a storybook season in 2013, winning both the Amateur Superbike and
Amateur 600 Championships.

2014 was a good season for the Team.  Drew finished 3rd overall in the PRO 600 class as a Rookie Pro, he also took 3rd Overall in the Old Boys class having only participated in half of the races.  Sunny finished 2nd overall once again among the women in the Formula Femme class.

2015 was another strong season for the team. Sunny finished 2nd Overall in Formula Femme and Drew also finished 2nd Overall but in the Old Boys Class.  Both riders stood on the podium in almost every round.

In 2016 Sunny had a season long battle in Formula Femme that came down to the final round, whoever won the last race would also win the Championship.  Sunny was ultimately victorious in the race after making a last lap pass on the leader.  She won the Championship in 2010 and did it again in 2016.  Drew missed a few rounds due to some unavoidable job demands but spent the a good portion of the season training new racers.

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